BOOKING Terms & Conditions

You must be 18 years or over when making your booking.

Highland Lodges reserve the right to refuse any booking prior to issuing any confirmation in writing.
After discussions and planning with you, Highland Lodges will put together a unique package and itinerary to meet all your needs.

Upon agreement of all aspects, Highland Lodges will send you a Booking Confirmation. When you receive your Booking Confirmation you must check all the details carefully for accuracy and contact Highland Lodges immediately if you find any discrepancy.
Highland Lodges will reserve your package for a period of 14 days, within this time you must return a signed Agreement to the Terms & Conditions and make payment of the Deposit.

Deposit (this will stipulated in your Booking Confirmation either as per person or at a nominal rate of the group total - usually 30-50% of the total amount).
If after the 14 days, Highland Lodges have received no further directive, or response they will deem the booking to be cancelled.
Once Highland Lodges are in receipt of a Booking Confirmation, signed Agreement to the Terms & Conditions and a Deposit (or full payment), a contract will exist between you and Highland Lodges.

Highland Lodges will accept payment in the form of a Cheque (made payable to HIGHLAND LODGES)or Bank transfer. Details of which will be provided to you.


The balance of payment is due not later than 10 weeks before the first day of your Arrival - (on your Booking Confirmation as the “Start Date or Event Date”). If full payment is not made within the said period of 10 weeks, the booking will be deemed to be cancelled.

In the event that you make your booking within 10 weeks of the Start or Event Date, you are required to make full payment when submitting your Booking Confirmation to Highland Lodges.


Prices quoted are in GBP Sterling. Usually we require one payee, however, on occasions we can arrange for individual payments from each group member if required.


* Accommodation and catering as outlined in your Booking Confirmation
* Transport to and from any planned activities or events (if requested)
* Activities, Events and Tours as detailed in your itinerary
* Any experienced staff and guides (where appropriate)


* Round-trip transportation between your home city and the designated Arrival and Departure points in Scotland
* Outdoor footwear and basic outdoor (waterproof) clothing
* Wine, Beer, Champagne, Port and Spirits
*  Gratuities


If, through circumstances beyond your control, you are compelled to cancel your Holiday, you should immediately notify Highland Lodges and confirm the cancellation in writing immediately. If cancellation is made within 10 weeks of the “Start/Event Date”, you will NOT be entitled to ANY refund of monies paid (Full Payment / Deposit) and you will also be liable for any unpaid balance

due at that time.

Cancellations made more than 60 days before the “Start/Event Date”, will lose any Deposit paid.
All deposits paid are NON-REFUNDABLE


Highland Lodges will make every effort to provide your package once a booking has been made. Highland Lodges do, however, reserve the right to make minor amendments to the package. It is hoped that no cancellations or amendments need to be made to your booking in anyway, however, as unforeseen problems do occur,  Highland Lodges will contact you immediately to discuss any proposed cancellation or adjustment. If the circumstances affect your desired location, lodge or activities, Highland Lodges will endeavour to find you an alternative and similar location, accommodation or activities at a relative rate.


Should you wish to change or amend your reservation, within reason, Highland Lodges will try to accommodate the changes where possible. In the event that the changes are not possible to accommodate, you will be informed as soon as possible. In this instance Highland Lodges may have to treat the booking as a cancellation which would then be subject to the usual cancellation policy.


All descriptions of the services are published in good faith, however please note that changes can occur. Any complaints or criticisms relating to your package must be taken up with Highland Lodges immediately and within 24 hours of the time of the difficulty or shortcoming becoming apparent. If capable of remedy, Highland Lodges will use all reasonable endeavours to remedy the difficulty or shortcoming. If you remain dissatisfied, you must write to Highland Lodges within 7 days of your “Departure”.  Highland Lodges will then use reasonable endeavours to further investigate the complaint and will report back to you with any offer of redress which Highland Lodges in their sole discretion deem to be appropriate in the circumstances.


Highland Lodges reserve the right to require all or any persons to leave booked premises, without refund, which they consider to be in breach of these conditions. This includes persons who cause a nuisance or damage to premises or conduct themselves in an offensive or disorderly manner. In such an event Highland Lodges will not be liable for making any payment to those persons and will retain all monies paid by them.


The contract made by Highland Lodges and their clients terms of accommodation provided is NOT of landlord and tenant. Accommodation is provided purely as a “Holiday Let” in accordance with the Rent (Scotland) Act 1984. The number of guests permitted to stay in any Highland Lodges accommodation shall not exceed the maximum number of persons as stated on the Booking Confirmation.


In so far as may be permitted by law, no responsibility will be accepted by Highland Lodges, or any of their agents whomsoever for any injury, accident or damage to persons or property, or loss or theft thereof arising howsoever or wherever, other than in the case of the fault or negligence of either Highland Lodges or their employees or agents.


Customers of Highland Lodges are obliged to take reasonable care of any accommodation provided. If undue care or damage to any of the properties arises, Highland Lodges reserves the right to make an additional charge for cleaning costs or damage repair. Baggage and personal effects, including items purchased, are the sole responsibility of the owners at all times. 
Persons travelling to, from or in the UK prior to or after these dates do so at their own risk and discretion.


Highland Lodges accept reasonable responsibility for their customers from the “Start Date / Time” until the “Departure Date / Time”. 


Your booking is accepted on the understanding that, arrangements made for you during the period specified on the Booking Confirmation, is done so in good faith, if it should be or become impossible due to circumstances beyond the control of Highland Lodges or their providers, you shall be entitled to a refund of not more than the amount paid by you. In particular, but without limitation, Highland Lodges cannot, at any time, accept responsibility for any losses, injuries, inconvenience or expenses caused to you by acts of terrorism, war, riots, industrial action, floods, fires, delays or weather conditions or the threat of any of these.


You will indemnify Highland Lodges against loss and damage or injury sustained to property or persons as a result of any breach of these conditions by or arising through the fault of you or any member of your party.


Any non-British Citizens are required to make their own arrangements to ensure that they have current passports and any required visas to visit the United Kingdom.


There are no special health requirements for anyone travelling to any destinations in Scotland. All non-British Citizens should seek their own guidance prior to arrival to ensure that they are aware of any current health issues or requirements.


Information requested by Highland Lodges in terms of these conditions will only be used by Highland Lodges for the purpose of providing you with information relating to your booking, updating our customer records, or contacting you directly for marketing and research purposes. Only relevant information will be passed on to agents used to provide services in connection with your booking.


When booking with Highland Lodges you may be required to travel by sea or air to reach your Accommodation or Activity destinations. Now and again things can go wrong, for example, fog can result in cancelled or delayed flights, or severe weather can affect the timings of your ferry. It is for this reason that we would strongly recommend all our customers have their own full Insurance, covering risks such as personal injury, loss, delays and cancellations.


Save as otherwise provided herein, these terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Scots law and the parties hereby propagate the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.

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